Seth Duncan

Two Major Signs Your Truck Requires Wheel Alignment

Trucks are one of the sturdiest vehicles that you could invest in. Nonetheless, this does not mean that they require less frequent servicing and maintenance than regular vehicles. With the range of hazards that your truck is exposed to on a daily basis such as potholes, rough terrain and speed bumps, its wheel alignment is bound to become off after some time. It is pertinent to seek truck wheel alignment services on a scheduled basis so that the mechanic can adjust the angles of the truck's wheels to manufacturer's original specifications. Read More 

Good Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired at a Franchised Dealership

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of having to maintain and repair it. If your car is quite new, you should consider getting it serviced and repaired at a franchise dealership. Here's why. Specialised service The auto service technicians working at franchise dealerships are specially trained to work on vehicles of the same brand. These auto technicians are also supported by the know-how of experienced factory-trained mechanics who are well-acquainted with the vehicle manufacturing process. Read More