Good Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired at a Franchised Dealership

Owning a car comes with the responsibility of having to maintain and repair it. If your car is quite new, you should consider getting it serviced and repaired at a franchise dealership. Here's why.

Specialised service

The auto service technicians working at franchise dealerships are specially trained to work on vehicles of the same brand. These auto technicians are also supported by the know-how of experienced factory-trained mechanics who are well-acquainted with the vehicle manufacturing process. What is more, the franchise dealer's technicians are equipped with the proper specialist tools required for more complex jobs.

With that said, you can be sure that you will be putting your car in the hands of highly competent technicians who can make sound, well-informed decisions on what needs to be done to repair your vehicle and keep it in the best working shape possible.

OEM parts

While aftermarket parts provided at an independent auto service shop might initially cost less, they might not last long. When you let a franchise dealer fix your car, you can be sure that they will only use OEM parts designed and built for your vehicle. OEM parts supplied by franchise dealers are usually backed by warranties so you can any return parts that are defective. The use of OEM parts will ensure your car keeps running properly for longer but also maintains its value.

Service provided under warranty

It is not just the OEM parts that come with a warranty but also the repair service that is provided by the technicians working at a franchise dealer. If a car problem that has been fixed by your franchise dealer's technicians reoccurs within the period covered under the service warranty, you can return the car for repair without paying extra cash.

Clear billing process

When you take your car for repair service, you don't have to contend with unclear and confusing billing guidelines — you need an open, unambiguous billing process from the word go. It is difficult to trust a stranger that doesn't clearly spell out their billing policies, as you wouldn't want to get slapped with an unnecessarily large bill resulting from hidden fees you were initially not informed about. Franchise dealerships have clear policies on billing that they make known to the customer before providing any car service. This way, there will be no surprises regarding how much you will need to pay for car repairs.

Clearly, you have so much to gain by having your car repaired at the franchise dealership.