High Priority Areas During Rego Inspections

One of the biggest pains about owning a car is re-registering it annually, which means taking the vehicle for a rego inspection. Notably, a rego inspection is of utmost importance since it involves a thorough examination of a vehicle to determine its roadworthiness. Therefore, rego inspections guarantee your safety and that of other road users. During rego inspections, a professional and licenced mechanic examines different functions of a car. Although every inspection is vital, rego inspectors spend more time on certain parts and functions. Read More 

Three Factors That Can Have An Impact On Car Repair Costs

Almost every car owner will have to pay for repairs at some point in their driving life, no matter how careful you are. Whether it be accidentally backing into a pole that you couldn't see in the rearview mirror or an actual crash between several vehicles, there are dozens of ways your car can get damaged on the road. When going in for a car repair, it is important you are prepared for factors that can increase the costs of the work on your car. Read More