Seth Duncan

4 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Reputable Towing Company

Accidents occur at most inopportune moments, and you never know when you will require roadside services. Mechanical issues may leave you stranded, unable to reach your destination. This calls for the services of a towing truck. However, there are pertinent reasons why you should hire a reputable towing company. You Require Specialised Types Of Towing Services If your enterprise involves special equipment or heavy machinery transport, then you need a towing company offering special towing services on call. Read More 

Risks that you are exposed to when your tyres are underinflated

Many people take their vehicles for service but fail to check the welfare of their tyres on a regular basis. You should not assume that as long as the tyres are properly threaded and spinning, that they are in the right condition. It is important to check the pressure of the car tyres on a regular basis for safety purposes. The best place to get your tyres inspected is at an authorized tyre dealer. Read More 

To Rebuild or Repair: Here’s What to Consider About Your Alternator Issues

You car lights are dimmer than normal, you also notice some sounds that are abnormal, and your battery goes dead unexpectedly. These issues, especially in a short time period, are indicative of a problem with your alternator. When you take the car in, you may be given an option of going through alternator repairs or an alternator rebuild. If you are given that choice, here are a few things to consider: Read More 

Benefits of Buying Car Spare Parts from a Franchise Dealership

Owning a car makes travelling by road less of a hassle. You won't have to leave home early so can catch the bus, or have to book a rental car when you are going for holiday with your family. As a car owner, however, you will not only get to enjoy convenient travel, but also have to meet all expenses that come with keeping the vehicle working properly all the time. Read More 

Reasons to Never Skip Diesel Servicing For Your Vehicle

Having a busy schedule compounded with the rising cost of living and trying to keep your expenditure to a minimum, you may opt to skip a car service once in a while. However, although you may think this is just your dirty secret, you should bear in mind that your logbook does speak volumes about the type of care and maintenance that you give your vehicle. In addition to this, although your mechanic cannot force you to take your vehicle for servicing, you still inadvertently put both yourself and other road users a risk driving around with a car that is not at optimal performance. Read More