Two Major Signs Your Truck Requires Wheel Alignment

Trucks are one of the sturdiest vehicles that you could invest in. Nonetheless, this does not mean that they require less frequent servicing and maintenance than regular vehicles. With the range of hazards that your truck is exposed to on a daily basis such as potholes, rough terrain and speed bumps, its wheel alignment is bound to become off after some time. It is pertinent to seek truck wheel alignment services on a scheduled basis so that the mechanic can adjust the angles of the truck's wheels to manufacturer's original specifications. However, some motorists may not even be aware that they are due for a truck wheel alignment. Below are two of the major signs that would indicate that your truck requires wheel alignment:

Your truck's tyres are wearing down abnormally

One of the telltale signs that your truck's wheel alignment has been compromised is if the tyres begin to wear down abnormally. The tyres are your vehicle's main point of contact with the road. Thus, it is not surprising that the tyres will eventually succumb to wear and tear eventually. However, regular wear will typically present as the edges of your tyres starting to cup. This normal wear can be slowed down through regular rotation of your front and back tyres.

Abnormal wear, on the other hand, manifests as irregular damage on the inside of the tyres as well as on the edges. This abnormal wear not only makes it difficult to rotate your tyre, but it also translates into increased tyre replacement costs. It would be best to visually inspect your tyres for any signs of abnormal wear and opt for truck wheel alignment to remedy the problem before it becomes aggravated.

Your truck's steering wheel is pulling to the side

Another telltale sign of compromised wheel alignment is a steering wheel that develops a mind of its own. When your steering wheel starts to pull, you will notice that it gravitates to one side, despite your attempts at keeping it in a balanced position. This pulling by the steering wheel does not only make driving your truck uncomfortable.

The lack of control over which angle your steering wheel leans toward also affects the orientation of your vehicle, making you a safety hazard on the roads. You may also find that the steering wheel stays off centre even when you have parked your vehicle. Truck servicing would be prudent to remedy this problem and prevent further damage to your vehicle.