Transmission Problems That Should Have You Seeking Immediate Gearbox Repairs

Considering that there are numerous potential problems that the different systems of your vehicle are at risk of, it is not surprising to find motorists ignoring some issues under the assumption that they could simply be innocuous. But when it comes to transmission systems, is prudent to ensure that any possible problems are addressed post haste, as they could quickly become exacerbated and compromise the performance of your vehicle. Thus, knowing how to spot these potential transmission problems is crucial. Here are some of the transmission problems that should have you seeking immediate gearbox repairs.

Your gears are slipping on a regular basis

When you select a gear to drive in, your car is supposed to stick to this gear until you change it. When your gears begin to slip, it means your vehicle is spontaneously popping out of the designated gear, and this causes you to lose control of your vehicle. Gears may slip on occasion, but if you notice it has become a regular occurrence, it would be prudent to have your transmission system inspected, and any necessary repairs carried out as soon as possible.

Your clutch has started to drag

Your clutch will start to experience dragging when its disk loses the ability to disengage from the vehicle's flywheel as you are stepping down on your clutch pedal. As a result, you find it difficult for you to shift gears since your clutch is still engaged, causing it to spin right along with the car's engine. A common symptom that accompanies a dragging clutch is loud grinding noises whenever you are attempting to change your gears. Luckily fixing a dragging clutch is one of the minor transmission repairs, as it entails correcting the amount of slack that is in the clutch pedal. However, simply because the fix is small does not mean that you should neglect the problem, as you could eventually lose all ability to shift gears as you drive.

Your transmission fluid has started to leak

Although some transmission problems may take long to manifest, leaking transmission fluid is one of the clearest signals of a serious issue. Transmission fluid has a distinct sweet scent and could either be clear or have a bright red hue. You could notice droplets of this fluid under your vehicle after you move it from its parking spot. Without transmission fluid, your gearbox will not be receiving the adequate lubrication it needs to stay cool, which significantly increases the risk of overheating.